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Dirk Foch (1886-1973) was a Dutch composer and conductor. This website contains information about his life and work.

Foch was born in 1886 in the Dutch East Indies. In the first half of the 20th century he built up an impressive career as a conductor. Starting off in Berlin, he went on to work in many different European cities and the United States. Besides conducting, Foch worked as a composer and left behind a small but extraordinary body of work which expresses a love of the human voice.

Foch’s work contains:

  • songbooks
  • compositions for song and orchestra
  • piano works
  • compositions for violin and piano
  • an opera and a miracle play
  • a play

A considerable part of his work was published in his lifetime in Germany and New York.

The Dirk Foch Foundation

The Dirk Foch Foundation endeavours to raise awareness of this striking Dutch musician, who lived abroad most of his life. The foundation furthermore seeks to research his compostions, make them available to the public and see to it that they will be performed again.

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